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Raspberry & Lime BCAA Mojito

Raspberry & Lime BCAA Mojito

Who is finding this summer heat absolutely UNBEARABLE? *raises hands* Yep, we are all feeling it the past couple of days, and although we cannot sort that out, we’ve come up with something that may help… Raspberry & Lime (Alcohol-Free) Mojitos, bringing Club Tropicana straight to your very own home!


400ml (Very cold) Water
1 Scoop BULKPOWDERS Informed Raspberry BCAA’s
1 Lime
1 Tbsp Fresh Mint Leaves
1/2 Cup Frozen Raspberries
4 Drops Raspberry Liquiflav (or Stevia/ sweetener of choice)

In a shaker, mix water, Liquiflav and BCAA’s then pour into 2 cups.

Cut lime in half, slice it into approx 4 slices and using other half, squeeze juice into both cups.

Add one slice inside each cup and use other 2 slices to decorate at the end.

Add mint & frozen raspberries, mushing mix together with a flat utensil (rolling pin is ideal) so that the mint and raspberries infuse into the BCAA mix.

Nutritional Info

(Per cup)

66 Kcals | 0.1F | 7C | 9.9P

Low Fat | High Protein | Vegan Friendly

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