The Story Behind GYMVERSUS

Est 2013. @ThomasHartnett_ created a workout brand that has grown to mean much more to us, and to you. We stand as a community with a mission to inspire and promote active living.
GYMVERSUS was born out of a desire to address concepts that affected our daily life, shaping the design process and values of the brand along the way:
  • Affordable Luxury - The desire to dress up, when dressing down. We want you to feel great in our clothing and have the abillity to perform when you need to. The brand focuses on quality first, delivering luxury touches priced affordably. It's at our core to create fit for purpose garments that stem from simplicity in their design.
  • Monochrome - We design every piece to complement each garment in the collection but also thanks to our approach, anything in your wardrobe too! Thank you freedom and thank you convenience. You can throw on whatever is available and know you'll look fantastic. Our aim is to accelerate your get up and go lifestyle.

Cue our monochrome-only collection, the design and luxe touches, the fit and feel of the fabric. You can half your wardrobe with GYMVERSUS. You can reduce the need to worry about what to wear every single day. You can save time choosing what to put on each day. And finally, you can trust the clothes are fit for purpose and will make you look and feel a million bucks!

Select few garments, multiple variations.



Size Chart

*These charts relate to approximate body measurements for each size. As the sizing of individual garments does vary, these charts should be used as a guide only.

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