The Story Behind GYMVERSUS

It was Fall 2013, I walked out of a commercial gym and looked at what I was wearing with complete discontent. A chalk covered mismatch of tracksuits that looked awful. I’d had enough. Why do I have to dress down and carry a second wardrobe with me everywhere I go? I wasn’t living out of a suitcase, far from it - a gym bag. Sure, the high street tailored to luminescent runners, and cost a small fortune. Further to this, other available brands just didn’t fit right, if at all. I wanted more.

GYMVERSUS was born out of concepts that affected my daily life, but also the design process for each item:

  • The desire to dress up, when dressing down - luxe touches, fit for purpose, simplicity (a deep understanding about the design process, thoughtful reduction, discovering the core of a problem and staying authentic to that essence in our solution). I wanted to feel good outside of the gym but be able to perform on tap at any given moment.
  • Minimalism - I wanted less clutter. I set to work to create a product that served you confidence outside of the gym but delivered performance elements within. The goal was to reduce the need for several outfits, combining them into one.
  • Simplicity over excess - I was finished rustling through my wardrobe and tumble dryer trying to find clothes to match. Having to worry about what matched with what was about to become a distant memory - and where the hell I left it!
  • Autonomy from choice - I wanted every piece to work with every garment in the collection, thank you freedom and thank you convenience. I could throw on whatever was available and I knew I’d look great; something totally fitted to my get up and go lifestyle. Any top half item is designed to mix and match with any item for your bottom half and visa versa.

Cue our monochrome only selection, the design and luxe touches, the fit and feel of the fabric - I was onto something. You can half your wardrobe with GYMVERSUS, you can reduce the need to worry about what to wear every single day with GYMVERSUS, you can save time choosing what to put on each day with GYMVERSUS, and finally, you can trust the clothes are fit for purpose and will make you look and feel a million bucks. So here we are a few years later. My name is Thomas Hartnett, I founded GYMVERSUS for all the reasons above and I’m excited to say each and every morning - I choose simplicity over excess.

Select few garments, multiple variations.



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