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Protein Twix (Gluten Free)

HANDS UP IF TWIX IS YOUR FAVE BAR EVERRRR… *raises both hands* Yep, its our very favourite bar… the combo of biscuit, caramel and chocolate is just TOO perf. Really, whats not to love?

It kinda came about by accident (like most beautiful creations do) after a loyal follower who has been slowly sifting through our Muscle Baking book, asked if we could create a Caramel Shortcake recipe (which we did) And well… this is what happened with the leftovers. You all have to send him your thanks to be fair!

To make this recipe, we used a combination of recipes from our book. We wanted to give back in our own little way to those who have supported us through buying it; our way of saying thank you.

To make this recipe you will need our Muscle Baking V1 Recipe Book, available on our online store.

It will also help if you have a silicon mold like this one.


To make the biscuits, halve the quantities as called for on page 103.

Then using Financier mold as above, divide evenly and press into bottom. If you want chunkier biscuits then fill the whole space up, however we did them at just 1/3 of the space of the mold.

Bake as called for in recipe and then leave to cool completely before moving on to recipe 02.

Please note: This recipe made a whopping 32 biscuits! However, the filling below is enough for 10 of those pieces.


For Caramel layer, turn to page 89.

Follow recipe for filling, omitting agave nectar and cashew butter.

Double the dosage of water and vitafiber + add 100g Almond butter (instead of cashew).

Once mix is done, fold in 2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition Toffee Caramel Whey.

Please note: if you do not have this flavour whey, don’t panic. You can use Vanilla or Chocolate Whey if this is what you have and simply add some toffee extract or flavouring. (Or none at all if you are not fussed.)


Prepare a tray with greaseproof paper.

Grab a 150g bar of dark chocolate, melt it in microwave or in a bowl over boiling water and begin coating bars and placing on lined tray.

Tip: if you want to coat the bars a little easier, place in fridge or freezer for a little while prior to coating.

Place in fridge to let chocolate harden completely.

Then… eat them… rejoice… eat some more… *hide from loved ones* … You know the drill.

Nutritional Info

Each biscuit (on its own):

61 Kcals | 3.8F | 10.5C | 2.3P

Each ‘Twix’:

246 Kcals | 14.7F | 20.1C | 13.4P


Here you can see both comparisons; on the left is a normal Twix bar and on the right is our version.

Although the fat is higher and calories reasonably the same, carbs are a lot lower and protein content higher. Without having to mention the contrast in the ingredients used in one and the other as well as being free from Gluten & Wheat.

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