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Protein Jellies

Raspberry Jelly is LOVE. Whenever we make it at home, it doesn’t last 2 seconds (after the arduous task of waiting for it to set that is). Not only does it taste great, it is refreshing, full of water to keep you hydrated AND its great on macros making it the perfect volume food. 

Now, what happens when you still need to hit your protein targets at the end of the day? Well, you add whey to the jelly (as you do) and VOILA! The perfect pudding!

2 Sachets Sugar-Free Raspberry Instant Jelly*
3 Scoops BULKPOWDERS Raspberry Whey

*If you are looking to avoid Aspartame, double check ingredients as we have found that a lot of brands use it. (Supermarket branded versions tend to use Sucralose.)

In a measuring jug, make jelly as per instructions on packet, but instead of making up to 1 pint with one sachet. Make ¾ pint with both sachets.

Then, whisk in the 3 scoops of whey and pour into the fanciest mould you have. Alternatively, if you don’t have a mould, leave it set in your jug!

We have made so many flavor alternatives for this, orange flavour jelly with Choc Orange Whey, Lemon flavor jelly with Lemon Meringue Whey… You can even add fruit pieces if you’re feeling crazy! Sliced Bananas actually work beautifully!

Leave set in fridge for several hours, then proceed to enjoy them! It’ll be hard to just eat one, but they are so great on macros you wont have to worry too much!

Recipe yielded 6 servings.

Nutritional info per serving:
79 Kcals | 1.2F | 2.6C | 14.3P

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