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Oreo Cookie Protein Waffles


1 Cup Ground Oats

1 Cup Non-Fat Greek Yoghurt

2 Scoops MusclePharm Combat Cookie N Cream

6 Egg Whites

½ Tsp Baking Soda

3 Chopped/Crushed Oreos

Coconut Oil or Oil Spray to bake with.

Note: You will need a waffle machine.



Whisk together all the ingredients, no particular order necessary but it usually is easier folding in the dry ingredients one by one into the wet ingredients.

Then, coat your waffle machine with a touch of coconut oil or cooking spray and heat it up as per instructions. One coat of oil should be enough but keep on applying if you feel is needed, this process is easier with spray oil.

Pour heaped tablespoon’s of mix onto hot waffle iron, once you close it, the mix will spread to the edges, so don’t add too much as it will overflow! Each waffle should take 2-3 minutes to bake, but will depend on the type of waffle iron so make sure to check instructions.

Once done, enjoy immediately with some low calorie chocolate syrup… more crushed oreos… and if youre feeling crazy… sandwich them together like we did!

Note: If you prefer another flavor waffle, just substitute the whey flavours for any other. This versatile recipe will work in many combinations!

Recipe yielded 8 large waffles.


Nutritional Info (per waffle)

131 Kcals | 2F | 14C | 14P

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