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Chicken Burger in Bacon Buns

Why have bread, when you can sandwich your burger between bacon instead, right?



1 Kg Chicken Mince

1 Tbsp Quark

Handful Chopped Spinach

2 Eggs

1/3 Scoop Brown Rice Protein*

1 Tbsp Onion Powder (or onions if preferred)

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder (or garlic if preferred)

1 Tbsp Chicken Seasoning

1 Tbsp Mixed Italian Herbs

1 Tsp Saffron Powder**

Pinch of salt

Bacon buns:

1 Pack Smoked Bacon (fat removed)

 * Can sub with pea protein or omit completely.

**Saffron powder not essential, but gives it a nice flavour as well as making them yellow.




Preheat oven to 180 Degrees C and prepare a baking tray with a greaseproof baking sheet.

Mix all the burger ingredients in a bowl and whisk together, set aside.

To make the bacon ‘buns’ you need to cut your bacon into thin slices, then on the prepared tray, lay 2-3 stripes, then grab another 2-3 strips and weave them over (like shown).

Up to you how big or small you make them, we made just two from the whole pack of bacon which was not ideal, would recommend trying to make more from your pack, approximately 4 is perfect.

Then place in oven to bake for approx 15-20 minutes, turning over to ensure crispiness on both sides.

Then whip out your foreman grill, roll burger mix into balls and go grilling them until cooked through.

TIP: If like me you HATE cleaning the foreman grill, add greaseproof paper on top and bottom prior to adding whatever you want to cook. It will cook through just the same, then you just need to throw away the paper, give it a quick wipe and voila! Like new!


Alternatively, you can also cook burgers in a non-stick pan if you do not own a foreman grill. Recipe yielded 12 burgers. We hope you enjoy this, we DEFINITELY did! Bacon makes anything awesome!

Don’t forget to tag us if you try it!

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Nutritional Info

Per Burger (without buns):

134 Kcals | 5.1F | 2.6C | 19P

Per Burger (with 2 of 4 buns):

476 Kcals | 23.1F | 2.6C | 64P

For more delectable, exquisite recipes and nutritional options please visit the wonderful and talented The Muscle Bakery. 





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