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Giant Protein Reese Cup



2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

8 Tbsp. Coconut Milk

2 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder or Cacao Powder

2 Scoop Bulkpowders Beef Protein (Choc Peanut flavour)*

2 Drops Liquid Stevia or Chocolate Liquiflav



½ Cup Sukrin Stevia Icing

1 Cup PB2 or alternative Powdered Peanut Butter/Flour




Repeat same process as bottom layer, halving the amounts of each ingredient.


*Would not suggest substituting with Whey but with drier proteins such as Casein or Soy Protein.

 You will also need 2 large muffin style silicone molds.



First, place your silicone molds in the freezer, this will help when it comes to pouring the ‘chocolate’ onto it.


In a microwave safe bowl, melt coconut oil. (You can also do this in a pan if you prefer) then add the milk, cocoa, beef protein and stevia in that precise order, using a whisk to make sure you blend everything well in each stage.


Then, grab you silicone molds and with a spoon coat the bottom and sides and put back in the freezer.


For peanut butter filling, the process is pretty darn easy, put both ingredients into a bowl and slowly add water until you reach peanut butter consistency. Then, just spoon it into your choc cups and place back in the freezer again.


To finish them off, repeat the first process once again and coat the top of your cups, however, to scale back the macros you can simply avoid this step.


Once solidified, remove from freezer and allow thawing before eating.


We kept ours in the freezer so that it keeps for longer! Ready to combat the Peanut Butter Cup cravings as soon as they hit!


Recipe yields 2 large cups which is 4 servings.

Nutritional Info per Serving

298 kcals | 15F | 13C | 33P

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