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CocoPro Ice Pops


As we leave May behind and welcome June with open arms, our minds now begin to wander; daydreaming about lying on white sandy beaches, sipping fresh coconut water, surrounded by palm trees, eating fresh fruit all day. Isn’t that the dream?

Now, although we cannot promise you all of the above, we’ve got something that will help… just imagine an edible version of this… in the form of an ice pop…



1 Carton Coco Pro Pineapple Flavour

1/8th Cup Sugar-Free Orange Squash

200g Frozen Tropical Fruit (Can also use fresh)

2 Drops Liquid Stevia (or preferred alternative)

1-2 Tbsp Water



Mix all ingredients in blender, use more water if you prefer it less thick.


Pour into Ice Pop mold’s.


Place in freezer and (the hard part) wait a couple of hours.

Simple really.

Then close eyes, image those sandy beaches and enjoy the blissful 10 minutes of tropical paradise (unless you eat them all of at once!).


Nutritional Info

Recipe yields 6

41 Kcals | 0.1F | 6.9C | 3.6P

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