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Dairy Free Choc Fudge

We had some Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate leftover from coating our goodies which we did not want to let go to waste, so we added a few bits unknowingly of the beauty which was about to happen. This was so tasty, you’d never imagine it uses beef protein!



100g Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips

2 tbsp Cashew Butter

2 Scoop Chocolate Beef Protein

1 Tsp Coconut Oil

20g Reduced Fat Shredded Coconut



Melt chocolate with coconut oil in microwave or bain marie, then proceed to mix in the rest of the ingredients, leaving a bit of the coconut to sprinkle over the top at the end.


Pour into a larger silicone mould (which then means you cut up the fudge after) or in smaller moulds.


Nutritional Info (per piece)

Recipe yields 10 pieces

119 Kcals | 8.3F | 7.6C | 7.7P

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