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Strawberry and Vanilla Protein Waffles

Waking up the morning after a serious festive party means only one thing; you need comfort food and you need it pronto! 

Made with not so naughty ingredients, yet tasting like their naughtier counterparts, these waffles are the perfect solution to your festive hangover. Make the mixture the day before and leave in the fridge. Then, all you have to do the next day is stumble into the kitchen, heat up that waffle machine, pour the mix and watch them waffles be made… Proceed to top with whatever your tastebuds desire, add an extra large side of paracetamol… and you’ll be good to go!


2 Eggs*
1 Egg Whites
1 Scoop Strawberry Diet Whey
1 Scoop Vanilla Whey
1 Scoop Strawberry Micellar Casein
1 Scoop ModCarb
¼ Cup Almond Milk
4 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt
¼ Tsp Baking Powder

*Or sub for 3 Egg Whites


Mix all your ingredients in a measuring jug, using a whisk. (The Modcarb will clump if using just a fork or spoon, so using a whisk will eliminate this problem.) Then, if you want to make them fresh the next day, leave mix in fridge overnight.

To make waffles, go by the settings of your own machine, making sure waffle plates are piping hot when going to pour mixture and that the surface is slightly oiled. Personally, we prefer coconut oil as we just need to give it one coat and the surface remains non-stick throughout the whole process. However, if you have a sprayable oil, those are ideal for this.

Proceed to make waffles until your whole mix is done.

This will make approximately 4-5 large waffles**

Nutritional Info

(Per waffle as seen in image)
143Cals | 4.5F | 6.3C | 19.4P

** Info may vary depending on the type of waffle machine you have.

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