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Women's 12-Week Transformation eBook

Womens Transformation Guide - GYMVERSUS

Women's 12-Week Transformation eBook

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The Most Comprehensive eBook on Fitness & Nutrition is Available Here.

This knowledge has been formed from elite athletes, competitors and fitness models with at least 10 years experience each.

You can apply their lifelong knowledge and expertise all in one 69 page guide that covers everything needed to get you set to transform your body like nothing you've tried before.

This is no fad diet, or quick stop fix, nor is it a one off session. What's in this guide could propel you from a novice to advanced lifter in 6 months, guaranteed. We expect you to play full out, 100% commitment and the results will fly in. If you join us here at GYMVERSUS we will teach, push and motivate you towards goals you thought were only for those working in the industry. The secrets are out, myths expelled and everything you need to attain your dream physique. It all starts today, so read on and join the movement!

12 weeks of Periodised Training and Diet:

Designed specifically for the female athlete. Including endurance, hypertrophy, strength and deload variations. Exhaustive calorie burning metabolic circuits are included with three variations. Throughout the guide we have focused on what's rated as most important by our clients: glutes (bums), arms and abs! 

Online and Email Support:

Is given 24/7 whenever you need it, just ask us a questions at support@gymversus.com or if it's short direct it to us @gymversus on Twitter. Come find us on Facebook and Instagram too!

The Principles of Training:

Why resistance train? What are the benefits? And what is the most effective method of doing so? All of these questions are answered and backed by scientific research before we go on to tell you which exercises and cardio methods are most optimal for you and why. We will explain the benefits of HIIT vs. LISS and move onto why rest days and deload weeks are very important for your training schedule.

Being successful is as much a mindset, as being in the gym regularly, next up we share our opinion on what it takes to be successful. This includes your focus, intensity and whether a training partner is a help or hindrance!

The Diet Plan:

What are macros? How do I calculate my calories? What on earth is my metabolic rate? All of these questions are gone through with a fine tooth comb as we explain and hold your hand through every step so that your diet is fitted just for your body and it's needs. We run through the formula to calculate your own starting point, all the frequently asked questions, what protein, carbs, fats and fibre are all for and the importance of hydration.

We explain how bulk cooking is a great tactic for meal preparation and then onto the 3 meal sets for you to edit and follow for your 12 week transformation. Not only do we cover diet but go on to extensively explain the ins and outs of the supplement world, what we recommend and what is optional to aid you along the way. All using scientific research and experience to explain our beliefs and justification. This section is probably the most important for you to grasp!

Food Database:

When the programme is over, you will become a master of counting calories and monitoring your food intake. At this stage you can begin to swap in and out food choices and balance out the macros for yourself, creating your own diet plan! We have provided a cross-section of our own popular and healthy foods that we use regularly in our diets. The food database is per 100g raw so you can compare everything and even at the beginning it acts as a great reference tool!

The Workout Plan:

Our workout plan provides the most optimal way for a female to train, we have selected and focused on certain bodyparts (glutes/arms/abs) using favourite exercises from our top female athletes. The method of training selected sees you alternate through endurance, hypertrophy, strength and deload weeks, which will boost muscular endurance, muscle growth, strength and recovery all throughout the three 4-week cycles. We have included calorie burning and muscle building metabolic circuits alongside some of the best patented workouts our athletes perform. All exercises are guided through with elaborate and clean pictures tagged with clear explanations. 

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