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How Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health


Exercise is great for our physical health. Improving energy levels, boosting our immune system, and helping aid sleep.


Further reducing stress, inflammation, obesity and osteoarthritis.


How it benefits our mental health has been a little unclear but further research is now providing the answer.


We know the levels of the protein “brain derived neurotrophic factor”; BDNF increase after exercise.


What we know about BDNF is that it has been shown to enhance mental abilities and help the fight against anxiety and depression in mice.


However, until a recent study in 2016 by Sama Sleiman and others, that was as far as our knowledge had led us.


Their investigation made a comparison between mice that were allowed to use a running wheel for 30 days, against a control group that did not.


The comparison confirmed that the exercising mice had higher levels of BDNF, but further to that, a chemical change in histone deacetylases that stopped inhibiting the production of BDNF.


These findings show a very real connection between exercise and an understanding towards therapies for depression and neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Let’s make a very quick summary about this. Being active in a world of convenience, shortcuts, consumption and health epidemics, is never more apparently important.


Get out more, take the stairs, walk the dog and make that gym session when you feel too tired to step back out the front door.


Not everything is proven and laid out in full, but that’s OK! We have enough evidence (and can sensibly read between the lines) to make the choice and own the responsibility to look after our health proactively. 


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