The Science Behind Fat Loss

There is no shortcut to success in any walk of life and fat loss is no different. Too often are we bombarded with fad diets with no real scientific backing and no real substance. Fat loss isn’t really that difficult and often the problem in the media is that it is over complicated with too many variables.

How To Get Sponsored?

“How can I get sponsored?” is as you can imagine, a question I get asked on a daily basis. It is probably the most asked question I get and I have probably got well over a hundred emails of this kind over the last few weeks alone.

by Chris Spearman

Tips to Staying Photoshoot Ready All Year Round

How do I stay in shape all year around? Do I stay in shape all year around? Is it even possible to make substantial “gains” yet maintain a photoshoot like physique for 12 months of the year?

by Chris Spearman

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